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LVIVO business centre reinvigorated Vilnius central business district located next to Konstitucijos avenue.

Business centre has a convenient access from all directions: Konstitucijos avenue, Lvovo street and Krokuvos street. 

For convenience of tenants and city residents, next to LVIVO business centre a new green square is opened.

Workplace Environment

LVIVO business centre is designed to guarantee flexibility in workplace planning. 

Tenants’ comfort is ensured by automatically and autonomously balanced microclimate parameters such as appropriate relative humidity, CO2, lighting and other indicators.

The maximum possible window-to-wall ratio allows more daylight in to ensure productivity. The furthest workstation from the window is designed just 5 metres away from a natural light source.

The atrium extending through all of the floors all the way up to the roof ensures a feeling of spaciousness and modernity.


Facades of the business centre assist in ensuring tenants’ high expectations for the comfort and economy of the working space.

The double-skin facade and automatic exterior blinds prevent overheating during the warm season. 

The facade’s thermal conductivity indicators meet the requirements for an A+ energy efficiency rating and the air gap created between the facades guarantees additional natural ventilation.

This solution provides acoustic insulation from urban noise as outside facade technology reliably mutes sound waves.


Spaces of the business centre are specifically designed in a way to meet and exceed ergonomic and functionality requirements.

The ground floor and the eighth floor of LVIVO business centre is 4 metres high (height until construction of suspended ceiling).

The clear ceiling height of the other floors is up to 2.8 metres.

All spaces have adjustable-height-floor. Computer and electronic network under the floor enables tenants to easily change the working space arrangements in case of a change in the function of the area.


We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) in LVIVO business centre construction process in order to create and manage all building information on design geometry, dimentional cohesion with the environment, lighting analysis, geographic information, quantitative and qualitative building component calculations, energy performance and optimization, as well as all the infrastructure of the building (water, electricity, communications, etc). BIM enables us to ensure that the project implementation process is smooth and integral, teams work in concert and building design period is significantly shortened.

BREEAM Standard

Our goal is to build LVIVO business centre by using way less fossil fuel and ensuring it will be environmentally friendly. This building will meet the criteria of the BREEAM Sustainable Buildings Standard. This assessment covers a wide range of categories and criteria - including energy use and ecology - and is currently the most widely used assessment method in Europe to design and ensure the minimum environmental impact of buildings.

Conference Halls

LVIVO business centre offers a comfortable and modern conference halls with a seating capacity up to 300 people. 

The conference halls are equipped with projectors with screens, wireless presentation system ClickShare, a sound system and adjustable blinds and lightening. Chairs can be easily transformed into tables which is a very convenient solution when organising trainings, conferences, seminars and presentations.

LVIVO business centre‘s spacious and open space atrium is a unique place for organizing events, awards or solemn occasions.